Video Poker casino games

Video poker is an electronic or computerized game played in casinos. Its history most probably begins in the late 19th century with the appearance of the first slot machines in the United States. The goal is to form the best hand between the cards dealt and the other cards. In the game « Jacks or Better », the object is to get one pair of jacks minimum or better. Principle and rules of Video Poker casino games : noname.free.fr/video-poker
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Casino game : Craps

Craps is a dice game played in casinos or online. Craps website is designed for new players and presents the origins of the game, how it is played with its bets and stakes, along with pointers on how to play well. Craps casino game : noname.free.fr/craps
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Poker Tournaments

How to register and play to Poker tournaments with clear explanations and different type of tournaments: single and multi table, freeroll, buy in, ... Also available poker terms that are associated to tournaments and schedule of tournaments to come. Poker Tournaments : noname.free.fr/poker-tournois
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